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Coming January 2022


Online Group Coaching Course 

 $49 - One Time Investment, Lifetime Results

Master Your Master Closet is an Online Course that helps women finally clean out and organize that closet they started on years ago.


So much better than a blog post or reading a book. We give all the emotional support and hand holding you need—just like your girlfriend showed up to help. 


After this 4-week training, you may want to start having morning coffee in your amazing closet! 

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How fun would it be to wake up and walk into a closet where you can see every item and love all of your clothes?

It really is possible.

Do you want to...

Get dressed in less than 5 minutes?

Stop impulse buying?

Own organizing products that actually work for your space?

Learn how to maintain an organized closet?

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What one recent student
had to say...

Not only is Kandy very good at what she does – helping you think through and organize your space to meet your needs – she’s also so personable and friendly and comes with LOADS of tips and tricks to help your life function more efficiently.   


For three decades, Order Your Spaces has been helping women edit down and tidy their closet spaces. We are known for being the friendliest and most practical experts in our area.

Inside the course, you will receive:

A 16 page PDF Guidebook (yours forever)

Solutions to your closet challenges (no place for shoes!)

4  Video trainings delivered to your inbox 

The training videos include:

            Week 1 Determine your lifestyle so you know what you need

Week 2  Empty and sort the entire closet               

         Week 3  Edit / what to keep, what to donate                   

         Week 4  Organize / make it functional and pretty             

Week 5  Bonus content / Pinterest Solutions

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We created an extra special offer just for our students. Along with the course, you can purchase a 1:1 personal chat with Kandy to help you complete your closet.  After your 4 week video trainings end, you will receive an email invitation to schedule your call. Just make sure to open ALL your emails from Order Your Spaces.

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What happens after I sign up?

You will get a Welcome email with all the details and links to get you started. We keep it really simple, because that’s who we are.

Do I need a huge walk-in closet for this method to work?

Nope. Nope. Nope. We are teaching you how to make your space work for your possessions. Now, we may need to have some under bed storage for all those clothes you are not ready to part with..


How much time do I need to keep up with weekly exercises?
We intentionally designed this 4-week course so you could spend a few hours weekly doing the homework. Think Yoga – not Spin class. Of course, that depends on the size of your closet and how quickly you make decisions.  

Is the course refundable?
It is not. Please be sure your calendar allows the time for you to join in the fun and tackle your closet.

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